It all started in December 2008 with about 10,000 lights and 4 songs, and has grown to 6 songs and 30,000 lights for the 2010 Christmas season.  Back in 2008 we started with rope light outlines on the windows, Mickey Mouse shaped ropelight wreaths, some candy canes, a handful of small and medium sized trees.  You can view the videos to see how it looked back then.

During the 2008 post-Christmas sales, where retailers are trying to offload their remaining inventory of lights, we picked up another 10,000+ lights.  We inventoried them and then packed them away, with lots of ideas for the 2009 season.

For 2009 we added the 14 foot mega tree, simulated fireworks and added a 4 color outline to the house.  We also added an additional song and updated the previous years songs to include the new features.  Again, at the close of the season we went out an purchased an addition 10,000+ lights.  Go backstage to see what some of the 10,000 lights look like when still in their boxes!

In 2010, we added two fan/leaping arch combinations, switched to LED floodlights, and an over the driveway archway.  We also added our longest song – Believe in Holiday Magic – which is over 9 minutes long.  We calculate we are now over 30,000 lights, controlled using 176 independent lighting channels.

RGB was the big addition for 2011, where we have added additional colors to some elements, giving us the ability to change from Red to Green to Blue, which has increased the channel count to 192.

The wow factor for 2012 was the addition of 8500 white LED’s that drape the entire front of the house. Controlled using 16 channels, these lights sure up the brightness level!


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