First, we have reduced the show to just 3 songs. Sorry if your favorite is not in there, we will go back to the full list on nights where traffic is lighter.

  • * Frozen Medley
  • * Christmas is Starting Now
  • * Wonderful Christmas Time

If everyone can follow these suggestions, things should be better.

  • * If waiting in traffic on Frost St, or Marion Ave, please keep as far to the right of the road as possible, this should allow 2 way traffic to pass.
  • * There are two ways to enter to see the show, if you enter on Lovley Drive, please keep to the right of the road (closest to the show). You can also enter via Cobblestone Ct, in which case you should stay on the far side of the road.
  • * When watching the show, if the person in front of you exits, please pull up rather than expecting people behind to go around you. This will allow people in line to move forward.
  • * Please don\'t block driveways - if you do and you have to move to let someone into their house, you will probably lose your spot anyway.
  • * When exiting, please just continue in the direction you are facing, if you enter on Lovley, exit on Cobblestone. If you entered on Cobblestone exit via Lovley. Avoid turning around in the road, and please keep out of any driveways.
  • * If someone looks like someone is \"jumping the line\", its probably because they are going home, so please let them pass.

Drive By...

We are located at:

14 Lovley Drive
CT 06479.

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When to come:

Every day from December 1st 2014 to January 1st 2015.

The show runs:

Sunday-Thursday 5pm–10pm
Friday-Saturday 5pm-11pm

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About LOL

Tune your radio to 96.1FM to hear the music synchronized to the light show. Enjoy!

If you are interested in donating a non-perishable food item to our local food bank, you will find a box in front of the display.

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